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JOE MORELLO: Equipment

DRUMS: DW Collector Series in Desert Sand
(custom lacquer finish)

  • 5x14 Edge snare
  • 9x13 mounted tom
  • 16x16 floor tom
  • 16x22 bass drum


  • 13"AAX Studio hi-hats (brilliant finish)
  • 19" AA medium crash (brilliant finish
  • 21" prototype ride (for 20" Manhattan)
  • 17" AA medium-thin crash (brilliant finish)



Coated single-ply DW heads on batters of all drums, clear heads on bottoms of toms


Joe tunes his snare drum fairly tight and crisp, with the batter head about a fourth lower than the snare side. All drums are played wide open, with the only muffling being a 2" felt strip on the batter head of the base drum, running from top to bottom about 3" off the center of the head.

STICKS: Pro-Mark Joe Morello signature mode

Joe primarily uses wood-tip sticks, but he occasionally will use nylon tips in playing situations that require a bit more brightness from the ride cymbal.


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